Clinical Logic’s mission is to support acute care practitioners in leveraging antibiotic prescribing best practices. Together, Clinical Logic’s IDcare and Treatment Builder systems improve antibiotic use by providing customizable, evidence-based and actionable treatment recommendations at the point of care. Our software is designed to enhance the efficiency of an antimicrobial stewardship program or to be utilized as a building block of a new program.

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IDcare and Treatment Builder work together to assist hospitals with antibiotic stewardship and sepsis treatment by providing a clinically precise platform to create, test, deliver and document the selection and use of antibiotics. The web-based software offers a collaborative and educational environment to publish treatment protocols and guidelines and deliver them to practitioners within the context of workflow, environmental and case-specific considerations.

IDcare, a secure user application, assists clinicians in optimizing antibiotic use. The system differs from existing prospective audit and feedback based solutions by presenting a framework that encourages upstream interventions. In addition to actively monitoring antibiotic use and trends based on pertinent environmental and case factors, the system offers a practical vehicle to rapidly implement treatment protocols at the point of care.

Treatment Builder supports the creation and communication of research-based best practices and facility specific guidelines. Clinical Logic created Treatment Builder as a clinical content authoring environment to assist hospitals in the development, implementation and testing of antibiotic treatments for each body site and pathogen group.

Clinical Logic’s systems support Goal 1 of the White House’s “National Action Plan for Combating Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria” by promoting the “Judicious use of antibiotics in healthcare settings”. This goal is based upon the CDC’s “Core Elements of Hospital Antibiotic Stewardship Programs”. Clinical Logic’s systems address each of these elements.

IDcare and Treatment Builder currently target stewardship and sepsis treatment practices in the critical care environment where antibiotic use is most prevalent. Clinical Logic intends to broaden functionality to include utilization throughout the acute care setting.

  • Assist practitioners in assessing the need of antibiotic therapy, thus reducing consumption and cost
  • Prompt clinicians to make evidence-based antibiotic choices based upon local antimicrobial resistance patterns, national guidelines and relevant clinical factors
  • Encourage the streamlining or de-escalation of empiric therapy and enhance the effectiveness of subsequent recommendations based upon an accurate match of bug and drug
  • Augment the effective use of rapid diagnostic bacterial testing by assisting in the application of pathogen-specific, targeted therapy


  • Facilitate and enhance the timely communication between members of antibiotic stewardship team and clinicians at the point of care
  • Minimize the unintended consequences of antibiotic use including toxicity and the emergence of resistance
  • Increase the effectiveness and ease of the implementation of antibiotic stewardship process and outcome measures
  • Assist effective antibiotic stewardship programs in being financially self-supporting while improving patient care

Clinical Logic’s experts will work with your antimicrobial stewardship team to integrate your protocols, guidelines and SOPs into Treatment Builder. Once this information is in the system, we will assist your specialists in tailoring it to your specific antimicrobial stewardship needs. Our evidence-based treatment sets for critical care can be reviewed by your clinicians and implemented incrementally by body site and pathogen.

Treatment Builder & IDcare are designed to either standalone or to be integrated with your legacy hospital systems. This architecture allows flexibility in implementation and initial system testing and deployment. Your hospital can utilize existing admissions, discharge and transfer (ADT) to populate patient data within the system, as well as HL7 feeds from your electronic health records (EHR) and lab information system (LIS) to efficiently arrive at a recommended treatment. Clinical Logic will assist in the data normalization and clinical interoperability of the system.

Our Story

Clinical Logic’s core competency is facilitating the organization and delivery of complex medical content to where it is most applicable; at the patients’ bedside.

We are a result of past working relationships, and some happenstance.

Brad Smith, President and Co-Founder, and Leonard Rann, Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder, have worked together in two previous health information technology companies; Micromedex, and most recently, MedKeeper. After our careers together, we decided to explore a collaboration by starting up Clinical Logic.

With angel funding from Dave Short, former Chairman of the Board of American Funds, Brad and Lenny started working on a new concept in supporting antimicrobial stewardship programs. Mutual acquaintances brought Pierre Moine, MD, Department of Anesthesiology, University of Colorado Hospital, to Clinical Logic and the concept for IDcare & Treatment Builder was launched.

Our goal is to assist hospitals and healthcare facilities in bringing more structured and efficient technology in solving one of today’s more pressing problems in healthcare; enhancing the effective use of antimicrobials to reduce resistance, save money and improve outcomes.

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